Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspiration for 2012

I was asked to create a mini album for the New Year for Bella Blvd....

I decided to create an Inspiration Album for me to look at on a regular basis, and no need to worry about going back to it....because they are not resolutions!

You can see the and read about it over on the Bella Blvd Blog
Here are a few peeks at it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Be Good To YOU!

It is so important that you give yourself the kind of respect that you would give to someone who has lived through all that you have lived through. It is so important that you are compassionate with yourself, that you are gentle with yourself, that you are patient with yourself. It is so important that you continue to remind yourself that you have made it through tough things and that you will continue to make it through things. It is so important that you give yourself credit for what you have learned so far instead of comparing yourself with others. It is so important that you cheer yourself on, instead of putting yourself through the ringer. It is so important that you are fair and kind with this sacred information that you have about yourself. No one, aside from our Creator, knows what we know about ourselves, and so we must be careful and responsible and a noble guardian over these things.

You are worth whatever it takes for you to be respectful, kind, patient and good to yourself. Listen to your heart, listen to your dreams, listen to the things that hurt and take care of them. No matter how much someone else loves you, they can not know what it means to BE you, and so you must do the work of BEing you, and taking care of you.

The Brave Girls Club....xoxo