Thursday, September 30, 2010

wondering how I'm gonna make it.....

That girl, the one I talk to at least five times a day, text endlessly, and see as much as our time allows is leaving VERY early tomorrow morning for Canada with Stephanie for some great events where Bella Blvd will be showcased!!

So, how am I gonna do this.....FIVE days....without my very best friend???
She will be missed, as will Stephanie! And I am looking forward to lunch
with the two of them when they get back home!! Have fun using your NEW passport Allyson! XOXO

This is the store they will be teaching at!!

And 2 quick peeks at some of the many projects they will be doing in Canada!

Have a fabulous trip girlies and be safe!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Guest Designing for.....

Memory Workshop Scrapbook Kits

Stop by here for peeks on October 1st of the projects I made using Sandra's October Kit! Here is a little peek of one of my pages!

The Princess & her Pooch!!

Just a silly little princess this September day.....

Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A message from a little bird.......

.....We all have parts of ourselves that need working on. We all think thoughts that aren't the best thoughts we could be thinking. We all do things we wish we would have done better, or differently, or not at all. We all make mistakes, every single day....every single one of us. And then, we all wake up every day with lots of chances to start over. It is one of the miracles of life.

When mistakes hold us back, they become bigger fact, the holding back that happens could really be an even bigger mistake than the mistake that was originally made! When we do something that we wish we would have done differently, or not at all....we need to do the best we can to make it right, and then let it go. We need to keep moving forward.

Let's not make the bigger mistake of keeping us from the future that is meant for us. You are not your mistakes. You are not your bad mood or your careless act or any of the other labels that come when mistakes are made. You are a human being....and you are learning something new every day. You are getting better and wiser and more equipped. You are doing a great job.

Let yesterday go, be done with it. Walk onto your light-filled path and make today a better day.

Just some food for thought that I think we could all use.....maybe you can use it in a different part of your life than me....but it does pertain to everyone!! Sign up for some Daily Truth here!! The Brave Girls Club

Thanks to a fellow Scrapbooker, friend & Bella Artista Jessica Jo for sharing the inspiration with me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School pictures (finally)

So, off to her first day of School! And I guess being in 2nd grade means mom doesn't get to pick out the outfits anymore....because she is all grown up and gets to do that now. I did win with the hair though ;)

Annalise & her new 2nd grade teacher! She loves him!!

Annalise & Jack

Annalise & her BFF Emily! (too cute)!!!

School outfit day 2 !!

School outfit picked by mom!! ;)

September 8th.....Lance turns 40! How does this happen!!?? Because I remember being 20 when my mom turned 40!!! OH MY!


Giraffe Kiss???

My girlie & me!