Monday, December 29, 2008

A year in review

Here is a gift that I make for my mom every year.
I started about 8 years ago.....I think..
I try and keep the birthday children on their months,
other than that, it is whatever pictures work!


Deanna said...

I finally got to see it IRL at mom's turned out really nice!!!!!
Love having it to look at every year and it's fun to pull out the old ones and look at them....

~kellyann~ said...

OMG-what a wonderful gift for your mom and such gorgeous layouts/photos, too!

I love the sibs with your mom (May) and Alex's poses!!!

Can't wait to see July-December.

Sherrie said...

Gorgeous calendar! I would love to see the rest of the months. I hope your mom treasures that gift. It is priceless!

Mandie said...

Great job as always Wendy! I love that March paper--I have some in my stash ;)

Also love the paper on Alex's month...very appropriate!

Wendy Lee said...

Thanks everyone! It is usually pretty fun to make them every year....and this years came together with out a struggle! Good thing since I did it all 3 days!