Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dance & Fun on Father's Day

Dance Recital

Her Tap Dance was the Mini Rockettes
My niece Chloe who also dances

Chloe & Annalise
with flowers from me!

Now, doesn't she just look so
grown up here!!??
The Wagner'sChloe, Auntie Michelle & Annalise
Father's Day

We went to Action Territory to have some fun!
Here is Annalise in the bouncy house.
Family Photo...

Go Carts! Woo Hoo!! We drove together!


~kellyann~ said...

Oh, how adorable! I love the costume A had...and she does look so grown up!

Wendy- you look fantastic, especially in the photo where you are wearing white (love the necklace!!)


Beth said...

Adorable pictures, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures . . . . . looks like lots o fun at go carting . . . . we should have met you - that would have been fun!!!

Love all the Dance pictures -

just me ox

Stephanie said...

omigosh. She is like the most beautiful young little lady ever. These pictures are great. Congrats on such a darling and talented little girl! She's going to be a heartbreaker that one!

luanne said...

Oh, those are some very cute pictures. My favorite is the first one. She looks so grown up.