Monday, July 27, 2009

Posting more July before it's over......

JULY 3rd, at a friends house...
me, Annalise & Chrissy

Twins 6th Birthday Party
Lizzie, Annalise, Belle & Gabbie

Our Family with the birthday girlies!
Annalise, Dad & me
(thanks Alex for the great picture!)
Need I say more.......
could she be any more beautiful? at our house on the 4th of July!
Night time sparklers are always better!Going to the Jonas Brothers Concert
Me & Laurie
Annalise & Skyler
Outside before we headed in to dance!!
Girlies in their seats!! They had a blast!

And on a quick note, this past Saturday afternoon,

Annalise lost her 7th, yes, I said it,

7th tooth at Allyson's house!

Eating what? A pickle.....of course!!

Way to go big girl!

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~kellyann~ said...

Ohhhh, great blog update Wendy!
Love all the photos and the R-W-B!