Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Jack being so helpful with the pumpkin carving.....
4 pounds already.....the way he eats.....
he will catch up to Webster in no time!!

She did so good cleaning out her pumpkin this year!
She wanted a scary face this year on her pumpkin!
& the glasses are for *fun* called attitude glasses from
Claire's. She wanted to have glasses like mommy!
My little Snow Princess
Love it!


luanne said...

A is growing up.
She looks beautiful, love the costume.
Hope she got lots of candy! How do you handle the no nut thing?

Beth said...

Love her costume!!

Katherine said...

Beautiful costume! She needed a Snow Princess outfit in these Wisconsin temps.

Morgan said...

Love the post! Annalise looks beautiful!!! I love the pumpkin carving ones, those glasses look so cute on her!