Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the past 2 weeks in photos.......

So, we have been quite busy over here the past few weekends........
Annalise participated in her first Dance Competition
with the team she dances
with at Next Step Dance Studio.
For the 11 of them it was their first time competing together
with their group called CIT (Company in Training)
And they did awesome!!
Here she is before we left for the competition
in full hair & make-up with her Company gear!
after all the hard work........10:15pm.....
Taking 2nd place for both dances (Tap & Jazz)
...along with the special award for
*Glitz and Glamour*
with having the most eye catching costumes
that sparkled!! (Jazz)

They didn't do ballet for the competition, but we had picture week
this week as here is her costume for the recital.

And here is the reason that I always wanted to celebrate

could she be any more beautiful or full of life??!! My sister Deanna & me.... me, mom, Deanna & Danny my gift!!! :) Coach Poppy bag!

The best cards in the my little lady!
And we also found time to make it to the mall and we now.........finally have a ZhuZhu pet... named Jilly along with a little baby ZhuZhu...

& a bit of yesterday. Love this rain gear!


luanne said...

Holy Cuteness Wendy.

Gail said...

Believe it or not, I remember those outfits and recital days. Might be a cute layout, might have to dig for those! Cute pics Wendy!