Tuesday, January 11, 2011

to ALL the BeAuTiFuL soul's in my life....

You are such a beautiful soul.
What are you telling yourself today?
Are you speaking the words of kindness, encouragement & truth that you truly deserve to hear?

Be on your own side....be a best friend to yourself....tell yourself things that you would tell someone who has a big huge heart, honest & pure intentions...and incredible potential....

Because that is who you are and what you are!

Let the mean, negative and fear filling voices in your head stop today....kill them with kindness! You are just right, just the way you are....in fact, you are absolutely awe-inspiring!!


To all the wonderful girlie's in my life!
Remember each day is a new beginning! You are worth it!
Keep the Lord in your heart, a best friend in your pocket and
your 'self worth' right in front of you!

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