Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Lily.....

On September 11, 2009 we had to make
the terribly hard decision to say goodbye
to our sweet baby girl, our little furbaby,
Lily....{Lily Bean}.....{Beanie Baby}.....
She had been sick for quite sometime, and was
weighing in less than 7 lbs at this point.
She stopped eating, didn't walk much,
was down to one working kidney and that one
only worked at 80%....was sick with IBD and
was showing signs of being diabetic.

When I looked at her frail little body,
she just looked sad and in pain....
So, we had that talk (again) with Annalise.
Letting her know how sick Lily was, how she needed
to go to the Vet and that she might not come home.
We told her that she was so sick, she might die.
She understood what we told her and she had
a heartfelt goodbye with her before she left for
school that morning. Lance drove her that day
and said that she cried quite a bit on the way to school
but was okay when he took her to class. It was heart wrenching
watching her say goodbye....I will cherish these photos forever.
After they left for school, I called the Vet.
Talked about Lily.....what was best for her.
We were to be there at 10:30.
2 hours.....can I do this?
Upon many tears.....we went.
I knew it was best for her.
I loved her that much.
We said goodbye to her in the car
before going into the vet.....
and took our final pictures with her there.

That sweet little face, her soft meows.....
her excitement over treats.....
will all be missed.
We will see you at Rainbow Bridge someday
sweet little Lily Bean.

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Katherine said...

Sorry about your loss. That is a hard thing to do. The pictures touch my heart. What a wonderful keepsake to have them.