Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome Jack

So, we just went to see the boys play soccer....
Larissa suggests we stop at HAWS.
Then Annalise finds this little sweetie...
His name is Squiggles......
10 weeks old
So, we all agree it would be good to bring him home....
and we picked him up today, she couldn't be more thrilled.

or the daddy.....
so we took this boy, named Sprinkles
(at the moment) to visit Uncle Danny,
Auntie Larissa, Jake, Harrison and Journey!
a little love for me too :)
Then we took him meet
Webster will learn to love him, right?

So, I would like to introduce you to
short for
(yes, since we adopted him in October)


Beth said...

Ohh, he's soooo cute. I'll bet Annalise is thrilled!

allyson said...

He is adorable . . . awesome pictures!!!! I loved meeting the NEW little man . . . .sooo cute!!!!

Katherine said...

Nothing like a new friend to help heal the loss of an old one. What a cutie!